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Charles River CrossFit isn’t just another “gym.”  It’s a community of people, each unique and with individual fitness goals, coming together on the common ground of seeking a healthy lifestyle.  Here you will find dedicated coaches who provide an environment of encouragement, constant learning, and personal growth.  Join us, and surround yourself with a community of friends and fellow athletes who will challenge you to work hard, have fun, and achieve goals you never thought possible.

Sunday 11/23/14


Nov 2014

Daily WOD

Sunday 11/23/14

The Coaches would like to offer a huge congratulations to all of the athletes and volunteers who came out yesterday for the Throwdown! We really couldn't be happier with the performances and the enthusiasm... and the baking. Competitors from Saturday are recommended to take a rest day, but if you must move: come in for the warmup and follow up with some stretching and/or light cyclical work on the erg or bike. Pre/Post WOD: "Quads or Spine? Quads!" This is a great mobility series for upright squatting movements like wall balls. Check it out! Note: you can use a foam ...Read More


When thinking about how to explain what CrossFit® is, we like to start with what CrossFit is not:


  • for people expecting results without hard work
  • for people unwilling to try new things
  • for people afraid to leave their egos at home


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