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Charles River CrossFit isn’t just another “gym.”  It’s a community of people, each unique and with individual fitness goals, coming together on the common ground of seeking a healthy lifestyle.  Here you will find dedicated coaches who provide an environment of encouragement, constant learning, and personal growth.  Join us, and surround yourself with a community of friends and fellow athletes who will challenge you to work hard, have fun, and achieve goals you never thought possible.

Tuesday 9/1/15


Aug 2015

Daily WOD

Tuesday 9/1/15

Monday 9/7/15 we will be on a limited Labor Day Schedule: 6:30am, 9:30am, 11am. We're closed at Noon- BBQ time!

Our Second Annual Pulling for Pete Fundraiser to benefit The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Disease is up on Crowdrise! For every $500 raised, we (Erik, Steve, Jeremy, Coleen & LBF) will complete one round of: "Pulling for Pete 2015" -12 Rope Climbs, 25 Dead Lifts (135,) 25 Cleans (135,) 25 Snatches (135,) 25 Pull-ups, 25 KBS (1.5pd,) 13 Cal. Row, each. Donations must be made by midnight, 9/9/15. Click HERE to donate now!

A1. Bench Press: 3 sets of 10

A2. Heavy Russian KBS: 3 sets of 10-15

+WOD: "McFall"
4 Rounds for Time of
5 Pike Pushups*
10 Power Clean (135/95)
Run 200m
*ADV: strict HSPU

Post-WOD: 3 Rounds
20 Seated Leg Raises
30 V-tucks
40s Hollow Hold


When thinking about how to explain what CrossFit® is, we like to start with what CrossFit is not:


  • for people expecting results without hard work
  • for people unwilling to try new things
  • for people afraid to leave their egos at home


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