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This nutrition challenge will be based on participation and adherence to the plan. Every participant must download the My Fitness Pal app and track their food every day (everything- good, bad, and decadent!) We will assign everyone a coach who will check you log periodically and provide advice and feedback.

Goals for the Challenge:
Reduce bodyfat while maintaining muscle mass…i.e. no more than 2lbs per week!
Gain awareness of foods that may be making you sick, tired, and unhealthy.
Reduce lifestyle stress by getting adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and reducing travel and work stress if possible. Scoring: 1.Because weight loss is capped at 2lbs per week, we will NOT be using that as the determinant for the challenge.
We will be using:
BodyFat Caliper Testing (have to reduce mm’s)
Circumference measurements (have to reduce inches)
Adherence (you have to stick to the plan and reduce unplanned cheats)

Who is this challenge for?
This is for any member who wants to focus on looking and feeling better while not worrying as much about the workout part of things. We want to expand our reach!

When is the challenge?
May 1st – 31st

How Much to sign up?
$20 for the Nutrition Challenge. $30 if signed up for Nutrition and the May Mashup.
Please, note that we are NOT going to give you a specific diet to try to follow. We are going to work on guidelines and proper eating strategies for health and fat reduction. You will have online support through My Fitness Pal for the 4 week challenge. Each participant will be assigned both a coach and a team for you to use for support and to answer any questions you have. Your coach will be helping you with increasing your prescription over the 5 weeks.

All processed sugars (ONLY honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar are ok here)
All alcohol (even for cooking)
BREAD PRODUCTS (muffins, cookies, cakes, pastries, cereal, pasta.)

1. The only points will be for ADHERENCE to tracking your My Fitness Pal DAILY.
2. The finalists will be measured based off of the following categories: Weight (we will allow up to 2lbs per week to count towards your weight loss goals,) Bodyfat, Circumference Measurements, Diet tracking points

My Fitness Pal Setup
1. Download “My Fitness Pal” Application
2. Set up: “Goals”. Weekly goal should be weight loss between 1 and 2lbs per week depending on your overall goal for the 6 weeks. Activity level should be set to light or moderate activity for now.
3. If you have the ability to change the macro’s in “calories and macro’s” shift them to 30-40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30-40% fats. If you are super active and exercise 5 or more days it is 40% carbs and 30% fat…
4. Go to “Friends” and hit the “+” key on the top right. Add whichever coach is your lead to your friends list.
5. Go to “Settings” and hit “Diary Settings”. Go then to “Diary Sharing” and click on “Friends Only”. This will allow us to see your foods!!! (which is required)

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The CrossFit Open is a few weeks away!
Each week, CrossFit HQ releases a workout on Thursday evening at 8pm EST.  All athletes participating in the Open have until Monday at 8pm EST to post their scores to the CF Games website, which must be validated by the affiliate owner/manager (Coach E!).  There are two divisions: “open” and “scaled,” to account for the tremendous range in athlete ability.  The Open begins on February 23th and will wrap up on March 27th.  The top scorers from predetermined regions (e.g. Northeast) will move on to regionals, with the winners there advancing to the CrossFit Games.

As we have for the past several years, CRCF will host the CF Open on Saturdays.  We run these Saturdays in tournament format, with heats throughout the morning from 8:30am through 11 or 12 (depending on workout length).  It is great fun, challenging and is an amazing community event for 5 weekends.  We will finish out Open season with a post-WOD party on March 25th!

CRCF Open Team Challenge!
If you don’t want to pay the $20 to officially register on games.crossfit.com, just tell us you’re “unofficially” in for the Saturday workouts. We also ask that these unofficial registrants make a $20 donation to the New England Parkinson’s Ride instead. Everyone will be doing the Games workout on Saturdays, so you might as well be “in” and part of the team competition! This is one of those rare opportunities to work out with people from other classes and to really push yourself once a week for 5 weeks to see how your training has progressed this year.  Challenge yourself and help challenge others in the community by participating to the best of your ability!

Everyone participating in the Open will be assigned to a team. There will be 4 teams with team captains chosen by the head coaches. As a team, you will all have “finish placings” for each workout, this will be your “points” for the workout that week.  This is 100% within the walls of CRCF, we are NOT ranking ourselves overall.
Each team will compile points over 5 weeks and the team with the LOWEST total score (i.e. the best finish placings) will win the bragging rights.
After the final WOD in week 5, we will have a wrap up party to celebrate our efforts and to award the winning team.
What is our goal?  We would love to get close to 100% participation as hard as we know that is but we truly believe this will be an awesome, inclusive experience for everyone particularly with the inception of the scaled division.  We are really excited to get to share this each and every year with our CRCF family of athletes and hope you all can find the time, even if you are away for a workout or two, to come down and be part of the community and sweat with your friends!

We need anyone who plans to participate in the Open to register with games.crossfit.com as soon as possible OR sign up on the clipboard at the front desk!

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Dear Charles River Strength & Fitness Community,

I hope 2017 is off to a great start. I write today with a few thoughts and updates as it pertains to our new entity.  I wanted to get everyone up to speed because I know that this is a change and with change comes fears so I want to attempt to alleviate some of those here.

– I have heard speculations and questions around programmatic changes. Please note, nothing is changing with our programming OR current class times. The CATZ classes will be run in the same format, and the CrossFit classes will continue to follow their programming and will continue as an official affiliate. We will continue placing significant emphasis on coaching in general, as well as movement standards. Our coaches will remain best in class with ongoing education and focus in this area.

– We need to have two separate spaces to run classes concurrently, but this is not meant to act as a separation. Every one of us is here for the same reason: to stay healthy and fit in a way that works for them. Soon our communities will be one and I am confident that our common goal will transcend the entire facility and look forward to exposing some of you to new things on both sides of the house. One of the things that attracted me to this union was the fact that both gyms felt so strongly about their respective cultures and communities. I look forward to our evolution and to all of us learning from each other, and taking the best of both worlds.

– The CATZ folks moved in over a month ago and have been very patient with the transition so thank you! I am excited about our beautiful new space, and look forward to merging our CrossFit community into our new home in a few short weeks. This will lead to more people coming in, so expect to see a lot of new faces. If you see someone that you don’t know, introduce yourself!

– Any new business does not come without kinks at the beginning. If you see a problem please let me know, or better yet come to me with an idea for a solution! This is a member driven organization so the best ideas come from you guys. My door is always open.

– Once we are all in the facility, which we now envision as MARCH 1, (but of course we may have to adjust as necessary) we will be having an open house event on a Saturday which will be open to the public. This is a chance for our membership to try new classes and gives potential new members of the community a chance to see what we are all about! Not only that but we are planning a members only evening event as this will be a great opportunity for us to match some names to faces. Keep an eye out for more information.

For years I have envisioned a fitness facility that would serve the needs of all different types of people: from the every day person, to a former athlete, to a young athlete in training, to a professional athlete, to an Olympic Weightlifter, to everyone in between. I take great pleasure in helping people meet and exceed their health and fitness goals, and in many ways, this is a dream come true for me. I could not be more excited to cultivate it, and form the best fitness facility in the area.

See you all soon,
Erik Miller

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I’m not sure if it went fast for you, but it sure did for us!  2016 provided a lot of moments, and here is a little run down of some of the special things that happened:

  1. We had an amazing holiday party (which seems SO long ago) to open up the year at CRCF which was SUPPOSED to be our last party in the gym…that proved not to be the case!  Coach E’s 40th birthday hit hard in November and he was actually surprised!
  2. The CrossFit Open ran from late Feb. to late March and was a hit, as hard as it was/is.  Can’t wait to see everyone participate and for the newer members who may not be aware, check out www.games.crossfit.com for more info because you are in!
  3. We started our Olympic Lifting program and started our Barbell team.  This culminated in our first powerlifting tournament as a team in August.  Our Weightlifting team grew and even ended up with Coleen qualifying for the American Open!  Tess moved over bringing her competitive experience (and another American Open qualification) and we’ve been growing the ranks since.  Looking forward to our new team “debut” in February and more qualifiers this year!
  4. We decided to merge with CATZ Needham this year and we are looking forward to the eventual move over to our new mutual location at 71 4th Ave in Needham.  The new gym will be called “Charles River Strength and Fitness” and we are really excited to offer all of the awesome programs we will have in house.
  5. Pullin’ for Pete was another HUGE success.  Pete can confirm the total amount contributed by the entire CRCF team but it was SUBSTANTIAL.  Really looking forward to seeing progress made towards a cure!
  6. We had a few throw downs, the summer co-ed partner throw-down and the fall functional fitness fiasco.
  7. We had scaled and RX teams in more than a few tournaments including “the nightmare after Christmas” in Nashua, “Beat the Streets” in Boston, and “Fright Fest” back at Nashua.  Looking forward to seeing all the camaraderie and teamwork next year.
  8. We had a huge group participate in the Fenway Spartan Race this year.  It was a blast to have that many involved and we’re hoping to build some momentum for next year!

There were plenty of awesome moments, PR’s, new movements, and just all around amazing efforts to list here.  We’ve had a bunch of new, enthusiastic members arrive as well as so many of our “legacy” members giving them advice.  The one thing that has stayed consistent is the amazing positive energy we feel from all of you every day.  If it wasn’t a fun job with fun people, you wouldn’t see the same coaches come back each and every day so THANK YOU to our CRCF family.  We wouldn’t be here without all of you!  We are very much looking forward to the future so enjoy your 2017 and put the negative behind you!!!!


With love,

CRCF Staff