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Hey everyone,

We wanted to make sure there was some communication regarding the merger, holiday party, and grand opening.  First I would like to thank everyone for their patience while we attempt to make this move as smooth as possible.  We’ve been waiting on some permit approval that is taking a little longer than expected and pushed back our January timeline to February.  While I would love to tell everyone we will be moved in Feb. 1, I’m reticent to do so due to the fact the permitting process isn’t in our control.  So we are shooting for Feb. 1 with the expectation that it may take a little bit longer.  Please bear with us while we try to manage the timeline and the process!

The holiday party was intended to be held in our new location and was a chance for our memberships to meet and integrate.  That is STILL our plan, but it will not necessarily be a “holiday party”, more of a “grand opening party”.  Because we weren’t expecting this timeline we are doing what we can to plan a holiday experience this season.  We will be posting details soon!

As for the grand opening event, we will be looking for some help!

  • We will need some volunteers to assist the move at the end of January.  We will post to the website and all social media outlets, just look out as per usual
  • The grand opening will be a day.  We will run a bunch of program offerings early in the day and follow that up with a night for our members.

We are very excited about this opportunity for ourselves and our membership.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone enjoy the experience!!!

Thank you and please post any questions or comments to the blog!

CRCF Staff


A. Clean + Front Squat + Jerk
Build to a Max

B. Overhead Squat
Build to a max with an 5s pause


Open Workout 16.3
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
10 power snatches 75/55
3 bar muscle-ups
*We will run in heats to keep it running smoothly…

Cross-over Symmetry
Post Workout

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The measurement period for this season’s “Best Body Challenge” starts tomorrow! Participants will have until the end of the day on Tuesday, 9/20 to register and get this done. Reach out to your coach via email or in-person to set this up.  The challenge starts on Thursday 9/22/16 and is over 10/30/16 giving us just over 5 weeks of work.

The cost to enroll is $30, and the “prize” for our overall winner will be a membership credit.  We can charge your memberships.

Non-members may participate as well! We would love to get your friends involved, but they must meet the coaches and be measured.

Everyone will be assigned a coach to direct questions and check food logs- you must download and use the My Fitness Pal App and “friend” all of the coaches to participate in this challenge. Try to make yourself identifiable in your profile picture!

Ask your coach if you have specific questions about a given food, but check the ingredients first- that may be all the information you need!

The level descriptions are your guidelines- you can cheat as much as you want, but you must track EVERYTHING. Know that the more you cheat, the worse you will do relative to others in your group.

Scoring is on adherence to tracking (Every day missed is -1 point,) and the results (start vs. finish measurements) only. The idea here is that you will finish the challenge with a better mind for keeping track of your intake, and be able to make more informed decisions at meal time.

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Goals for the Challenge:

  1. Reduce bodyfat while maintaining muscle mass…i.e. no more than 2lbs per week!
  2. Gain awareness of foods that may be making you sick, tired, and unhealthy.
  3. Reduce lifestyle stress by getting adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and reducing travel and work stress if possible. Scoring: 1.Because weight loss is capped at 2lbs per week, we will NOT be using that as the determinant for the challenge.
  4. We will be using:
  5. BodyFat Caliper Testing (have to reduce mm’s)
  6. Circumference measurements (have to reduce inches)
  7. Adherence (you have to stick to the plan and reduce unplanned cheats)
  8. Weight loss will be capped and will be factored in if necessary.

Who is this challenge for?

This is for any CRCF member or an acquaintance who wants to focus on looking and feeling better while not worrying as much about the workout part of things.  We want to expand our reach!

When is the challenge?

September 12 – October 15th

How Much to sign up?

  1. Members: $30.00
  2. Non-members: $50.00

Please, note that we are NOT going to give you a specific diet to try to follow.  We are going to work on guidelines and proper eating strategies for health and fat reduction.  You will have online support through My Fitness Pal for the 5 week challenge.  Each participant will be assigned both a coach and a team for you to use for support and to answer any questions you have.  Your coach will be helping you with increasing your prescription over the 5 weeks.


L1: “Baby Steps”
REMOVE: All processed sugars (ONLY honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar are ok here) All alcohol (even for cooking) BREAD PRODUCTS

L2: “Lets do this!”
REMOVE: All processed and added sugars* All alcohol (even for cooking) All gluten (any wheat products, soy sauce) All vegetable oils (includes canola, soybean, and cottonseed oils)

L3: “So Paleo Right Now!
REMOVE: All added sugars* All alcohol (even for cooking) All gluten (any wheat products, soy sauce) All soy and all vegetable oils (includes canola, soybean, and cottonseed oils) All legumes and all grains (includes corn, rice, quinoa, etc) All dairy *sugar includes: honey, agave, coconut sugar, maple syrup, white sugar, brown sugar, stevia, xylitol, etc. (all sweeteners, whether they have calories or not.


1. The only points will be for ADHERENCE to tracking your My Fitness Pal DAILY.

2. The finalists will be measured based off of the following categories: Weight (we will allow up to 2lbs per week to count towards your weight loss goals,) Bodyfat, Circumference Measurements, Diet tracking points

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1. Download “My Fitness Pal” Application

2. Set up:  “Goals”. Weekly goal should be weight loss between 1 and 2lbs per week depending on your overall goal for the 6 weeks. Activity level should be set to light or moderate activity for now.

3. If you have the ability to change the macro’s in “calories and macro’s” shift them to 30-40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30-40% fats. If you are super active and exercise 5 or more days it is 40% carbs and 30% fat…

4. Go to “Friends” and hit the “+” key on the top right. Add erik@charlesrivercrossfit.com , steve@charlesrivercrossfit.com, or whichever coach is your lead to your friends list.

5. Go to “Settings” and hit “Diary Settings”. Go then to “Diary Sharing” and click on “Friends Only”. This will allow us to see your foods which is required!!!!!!!

6. Start feeling out the app now. It takes a few days to get used to it and populate YOUR foods so get to it!