When will the move to the new space happen? Where will it be?

CATZ will be moving to our new home on 4th Avenue in Needham during the month of November. CRCF will move into the new space on January 1st or as close to that date as possible!

I just signed up for a CATZ membership, can I come to the new gym?

Of course! If you have an active membership at CRCF or CATZ we can’t wait to welcome you to our new home when we move!

Will I still have the same coaches?

Yes. We intend to bring as much of our current staff as possible to the new facility.

My kids take classes at CRCF, is that still happening.

Absolutely! All classes will continue at their current times in the new space.

How will this effect my membership fee?

Membership pricing will remain the same. Over time we will be adding new programs and price points.

If I am a CATZ member but want to try CrossFit can I do that (or vice versa)?

Yes! We are encouraging members to “cross-over” and give our other programs a try.  We will be charging a $15 drop in fee if you want to try a new class.

Will you be incorporating CrossFit into the CATZ classes?

No. Our programs will not be changing in the short term. We are however always looking for ways to build upon our current coaching efforts and to incorporate new strategies to make our programs as successful as possible.

What will the gym be called?

We haven’t made the decision yet but we do have a short list.  We will decide ASAP!

Who will be managing the gym?

The new entity will be managed by Erik Miller who is the current owner and operator of CRCF.  Erik will be spending time at both facilities between now and the January move.  He will be making efforts to introduce himself and get to know all of our members.