Foam Rolling Workshop

03/15/2015 - 10:00am

Charles River CrossFit

Foam Rolling Workshop 2015

With Dr. Jacqueline Bouley

  • Why do we foam roll?

o   Pre-workout: 5-10 long, lean swipes with roll to open up muscles

o   Post-workout: to remove adhesions from fascia to muscle & to prevent injury

o   Helps hold chiropractic adjustments longer, great self care between massages

o   How long should I foam roll:

  • No more than 3 minutes on any given area; if there are significant trigger points hold for 15-30 seconds and complete several passes until the trigger points lessen in intensity
  • Foam rolling for lower body

o   IT band (side of leg)

o   Glute medius/piriformis (bum)

o   Quads (front of leg)

o   Hamstrings (back of leg)

o   Adductors (inner thigh)

o   Quadratus Lumborum (QL, aka lower back)

  • Foam rolling upper body

o   Lats  (‘wings’)

o   Suboccipitals (base of skull)

o   Pectoralis (chest)

  • Trigger point with lacrosse ball lower body

o   Origin glutes/piriformis

o   Muscle belly IT band

o   Origin QL

  • Trigger point with lacrosse ball upper body

o   Origin/insertion rhomboids (muscles between shoulder blades)

o   Origin/insertion pecs


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