Pulling for Pete 2016!

09/07/2016 - 1:30pm

Charles River CrossFit

On Saturday, September 10th, Team CRCF Strong will be taking on the NE Parkinson’s Ride in Maine for the third year in a row! The crew has been out logging training miles and raising funds in support of the Michael J. Fox Foundation and Team CRCF Strong’s fearless leader, our Big Pete Marconi. As usual, we’re so proud of their efforts and of the number of our CRCFers, friends and family we’ve been watching power through the 100/day Bodyweight Movement Challenge. As of 8/16/16, they have over 895K reps logged! So, your CRCF Coaches are ready to do their part again this year…

We are blessed to call Peter Marconi our friend and community member. Pete has Parkinson’s Disease, which has caused some muscular rigidity that impacts some of his range of motion, but that doesn’t stop him or even slow him down – for example, today (8/16) he PR’d his back squat at 266.5 and stuck around post-WOD to practice his muscle ups.

Speaking of exercise…every $10 raised here gets you one rep of either a clean, back squat, snatch, clean & jerk, or deadlift. With 5 coaches hoping to raise $5K, that’s 500 reps with which to torture us. Please join us in supporting Big Pete and the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Every dollar counts!

Pulling for Pete will take place during the first week of September. For $$ to count for reps, $$ must be in by 9/5/16. Though, donations can continue after! Stay tuned for updated date and time. We want spectators AND donators!