The Free Intro

The Free Intro is the best way to get a sense of what CrossFit and Charles River CrossFit (CRCF) are all about. In this small group training session, one of our certified coaches will get to know your fitness level and expectations and will introduce you to the fundamentals of CrossFit. The Free Intro includes a dynamic warm-up, instruction on and practice of the essential CrossFit movements, and a Workout of the Day (WOD). Your coach also will spend time with you after the WOD to answer any questions you may have, discuss membership options, and tell you more about our community and fitness philosophy.

This session is FREE, lasts 60 minutes, and is designed to give you a taste of why CrossFit has become so popular, get you excited about starting a new fitness journey, and show you why we think CRCF is the best CrossFit community around. The Free Intro is offered every Sunday at 10:00 a.m., but also can be scheduled privately if that time is inconvenient for you. To schedule a Free Intro, please fill out the form below.

CrossFit “101” Sessions

Regardless of a persons past athletic experience or current level of fitness, everyone who first comes to CRCF is provided with the opportunity to learn about basic techniques, terminology, pre-workout warm ups, and standard exercises before participating in regular CRCF classes. This happens in our “CrossFit 101” sessions (101’s). Taught by our certified coaches, the 101’s are for first-timers only and are required before joining our “all levels” classes. For $200.00, you get the series of 101s (4-6 sessions) and you get the remainder of the month of classes unlimited!! 101’s are taught privately and can be scheduled by simply emailing us at or filling out the form below.

Our 101’s are kept very small to ensure one-on-one attention. As you work through your sessions, you and your fellow newcomers will learn about the correct form for basic, functional CrossFit movements, and slowly work to increase your level of intensity. 101’s are the perfect place to ask questions and make some new friends before transitioning into our regular classes. Again, completion of the 101’s is mandatory before beginning regular classes, so if you are unable to make a session, please contact us to reschedule.