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I’m not sure if it went fast for you, but it sure did for us!  2016 provided a lot of moments, and here is a little run down of some of the special things that happened:

  1. We had an amazing holiday party (which seems SO long ago) to open up the year at CRCF which was SUPPOSED to be our last party in the gym…that proved not to be the case!  Coach E’s 40th birthday hit hard in November and he was actually surprised!
  2. The CrossFit Open ran from late Feb. to late March and was a hit, as hard as it was/is.  Can’t wait to see everyone participate and for the newer members who may not be aware, check out www.games.crossfit.com for more info because you are in!
  3. We started our Olympic Lifting program and started our Barbell team.  This culminated in our first powerlifting tournament as a team in August.  Our Weightlifting team grew and even ended up with Coleen qualifying for the American Open!  Tess moved over bringing her competitive experience (and another American Open qualification) and we’ve been growing the ranks since.  Looking forward to our new team “debut” in February and more qualifiers this year!
  4. We decided to merge with CATZ Needham this year and we are looking forward to the eventual move over to our new mutual location at 71 4th Ave in Needham.  The new gym will be called “Charles River Strength and Fitness” and we are really excited to offer all of the awesome programs we will have in house.
  5. Pullin’ for Pete was another HUGE success.  Pete can confirm the total amount contributed by the entire CRCF team but it was SUBSTANTIAL.  Really looking forward to seeing progress made towards a cure!
  6. We had a few throw downs, the summer co-ed partner throw-down and the fall functional fitness fiasco.
  7. We had scaled and RX teams in more than a few tournaments including “the nightmare after Christmas” in Nashua, “Beat the Streets” in Boston, and “Fright Fest” back at Nashua.  Looking forward to seeing all the camaraderie and teamwork next year.
  8. We had a huge group participate in the Fenway Spartan Race this year.  It was a blast to have that many involved and we’re hoping to build some momentum for next year!

There were plenty of awesome moments, PR’s, new movements, and just all around amazing efforts to list here.  We’ve had a bunch of new, enthusiastic members arrive as well as so many of our “legacy” members giving them advice.  The one thing that has stayed consistent is the amazing positive energy we feel from all of you every day.  If it wasn’t a fun job with fun people, you wouldn’t see the same coaches come back each and every day so THANK YOU to our CRCF family.  We wouldn’t be here without all of you!  We are very much looking forward to the future so enjoy your 2017 and put the negative behind you!!!!


With love,

CRCF Staff

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