May 2017 Nutrition Challenge

This nutrition challenge will be based on participation and adherence to the plan. Every participant must download the My Fitness Pal app and track their food every day (everything- good, bad, and decadent!) We will assign everyone a coach who will check you log periodically and provide advice and feedback.

Goals for the Challenge:
Reduce bodyfat while maintaining muscle mass…i.e. no more than 2lbs per week!
Gain awareness of foods that may be making you sick, tired, and unhealthy.
Reduce lifestyle stress by getting adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and reducing travel and work stress if possible. Scoring: 1.Because weight loss is capped at 2lbs per week, we will NOT be using that as the determinant for the challenge.
We will be using:
BodyFat Caliper Testing (have to reduce mm’s)
Circumference measurements (have to reduce inches)
Adherence (you have to stick to the plan and reduce unplanned cheats)

Who is this challenge for?
This is for any member who wants to focus on looking and feeling better while not worrying as much about the workout part of things. We want to expand our reach!

When is the challenge?
May 1st – 31st

How Much to sign up?
$20 for the Nutrition Challenge. $30 if signed up for Nutrition and the May Mashup.
Please, note that we are NOT going to give you a specific diet to try to follow. We are going to work on guidelines and proper eating strategies for health and fat reduction. You will have online support through My Fitness Pal for the 4 week challenge. Each participant will be assigned both a coach and a team for you to use for support and to answer any questions you have. Your coach will be helping you with increasing your prescription over the 5 weeks.

All processed sugars (ONLY honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar are ok here)
All alcohol (even for cooking)
BREAD PRODUCTS (muffins, cookies, cakes, pastries, cereal, pasta.)

1. The only points will be for ADHERENCE to tracking your My Fitness Pal DAILY.
2. The finalists will be measured based off of the following categories: Weight (we will allow up to 2lbs per week to count towards your weight loss goals,) Bodyfat, Circumference Measurements, Diet tracking points

My Fitness Pal Setup
1. Download “My Fitness Pal” Application
2. Set up: “Goals”. Weekly goal should be weight loss between 1 and 2lbs per week depending on your overall goal for the 6 weeks. Activity level should be set to light or moderate activity for now.
3. If you have the ability to change the macro’s in “calories and macro’s” shift them to 30-40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30-40% fats. If you are super active and exercise 5 or more days it is 40% carbs and 30% fat…
4. Go to “Friends” and hit the “+” key on the top right. Add whichever coach is your lead to your friends list.
5. Go to “Settings” and hit “Diary Settings”. Go then to “Diary Sharing” and click on “Friends Only”. This will allow us to see your foods!!! (which is required)

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