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Dear Charles River Strength & Fitness Community,

I hope 2017 is off to a great start. I write today with a few thoughts and updates as it pertains to our new entity.  I wanted to get everyone up to speed because I know that this is a change and with change comes fears so I want to attempt to alleviate some of those here.

– I have heard speculations and questions around programmatic changes. Please note, nothing is changing with our programming OR current class times. The CATZ classes will be run in the same format, and the CrossFit classes will continue to follow their programming and will continue as an official affiliate. We will continue placing significant emphasis on coaching in general, as well as movement standards. Our coaches will remain best in class with ongoing education and focus in this area.

– We need to have two separate spaces to run classes concurrently, but this is not meant to act as a separation. Every one of us is here for the same reason: to stay healthy and fit in a way that works for them. Soon our communities will be one and I am confident that our common goal will transcend the entire facility and look forward to exposing some of you to new things on both sides of the house. One of the things that attracted me to this union was the fact that both gyms felt so strongly about their respective cultures and communities. I look forward to our evolution and to all of us learning from each other, and taking the best of both worlds.

– The CATZ folks moved in over a month ago and have been very patient with the transition so thank you! I am excited about our beautiful new space, and look forward to merging our CrossFit community into our new home in a few short weeks. This will lead to more people coming in, so expect to see a lot of new faces. If you see someone that you don’t know, introduce yourself!

– Any new business does not come without kinks at the beginning. If you see a problem please let me know, or better yet come to me with an idea for a solution! This is a member driven organization so the best ideas come from you guys. My door is always open.

– Once we are all in the facility, which we now envision as MARCH 1, (but of course we may have to adjust as necessary) we will be having an open house event on a Saturday which will be open to the public. This is a chance for our membership to try new classes and gives potential new members of the community a chance to see what we are all about! Not only that but we are planning a members only evening event as this will be a great opportunity for us to match some names to faces. Keep an eye out for more information.

For years I have envisioned a fitness facility that would serve the needs of all different types of people: from the every day person, to a former athlete, to a young athlete in training, to a professional athlete, to an Olympic Weightlifter, to everyone in between. I take great pleasure in helping people meet and exceed their health and fitness goals, and in many ways, this is a dream come true for me. I could not be more excited to cultivate it, and form the best fitness facility in the area.

See you all soon,
Erik Miller

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